Becoming a Government Customer

At Rogue Jet Boatworks, becoming a Government customer might feel like you just received something you weren’t expecting. We believe strongly in our products and services and want every contract award to be executed at the highest level of professionalism.

It’s important our government customers have the ability to adjust, add, and innovate as the project unfolds. The reputation we’ve created in the government building process is solely based on the products, services, and company speaking for themselves.

Regardless of specification, working watercraft require an attention to detail that rises above a specific model type or option list. This is why the Government Division was created. It’s our job to ensure your getting the product you’ve ordered without a stone unturned.

To ensure your agency has the tools and resources to maximize the full utilization of the watercraft, Rogue Jet has developed a complete training curriculum. The curriculum was designed in an effort to help agencies understand many of the very important aspects of boat operation, handling, and safety. This curriculum can be reviewed and tested individually or part of a class room experience. In addition, Rogue Jet has qualified, professional, hands on trainers for “on the water training” if agencies wish to take advantage of these services.

All agencies are invited to tour our facility and take part in live product demonstrations.

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