Agency Reviews

Deputy Scott Krelle | Butte County

Our Marine Enforcement Unit relies exclusively on Rogue Jet Boats to effectively patrol the lakes and rivers of Butte County. Bruce and his team have always hand-built superior boats and back them up with exceptional service. Whether out on patrol or responding for a water rescue, there’s never a doubt that our boats will reliably take on any deployment, regardless of the conditions. - Deputy Scott Krelle, Butte County Sheriff’s Office, Northern California

SGT. Shawn Richards | Jackson County

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office is proud to be part of the Rogue Jet Boatworks family. Over the years we have come to appreciate the unparalleled quality found in Rogue Jet Boatworks boats. Our entire fleet of Rogue Jet’s enables us to provide the dedicated services to our community needed on our waterways. Over the past ten years the state of Oregon has worked hard to develop a standard specification format for L.E boats. If you look closely you will see those specification are based off a Rogue Jet. I encourage any government agency involved in the acquisition of an all welded aluminum boat to contact this company, the design, construction and finish are top in the industry. Couple that with Rogue’s willingness to work with your staff to make needed custom features to make every day on the water its best. We believe you will concur with our agency in the belief that Rogue Jet Boatworks provides excellent advice, are professional, and is committed to providing the best possible product they can. Thanks in advance for your consideration. SGT. SHAWN RICHARDS SAR PROGRAM MANAGER Shawn Richards

New Boat for Marine Unit

"Bruce not only brought a boat to our location that we could test," said Deputy Lair. "He even brought along an empty hull that we could inspect at our leisure. Now that's going the extra mile for your customers!"

Sgt. Jim Chapman | Crook County Sheriff’s Office

The boat is working great and the weather is improving. I have been hearing great comments by everyone that has seen the boat and there is a long line of folks waiting for a ride. We plan on putting the boat in the parade in a few weeks so the entire community will get a chance to see it. The marine Board is waiting for me to tell them when we can put a media event together and snap a few photos for our paper and the OSMB newsletter. Bruce you were a pleasure to meet and work with on this new boat project. I know you worked hard at getting the boat done with our tight deadline and we appreciate your efforts and professionalism. I was sold on your product and your attention to detail from the time I met you at the boat show in Portland. Please thank your staff for all their hard work and let them know we are very pleased with our new work platform.


Our Law Enforcement boats turned out Awesome. I am so impressed with all the work your team did to get these built. It was great seeing Joel and he did great with the orientation. Again SWEET boat, It will be perfect for what we need, and that rarely occurs.


Aloha, It was a great learning experience and tremendously enjoyed the time we spent with Rogue Jet. Touring your factory and learning what was involved in the manufacturing process was very enlightening. Your expertise combined with the implemented quality controls, attention to detail and highly knowledgeable staff really reinforced the fact that we made an excellent decision in choosing to go with your product for our project. A big mahalo (thank you) for taking us on the river. It was definitely one of the most exciting things I have ever experienced thus far and can't wait for an opportunity to do it again. That experience also demonstrated the performance capabilities and durability of your boats. If I am ever tasked at recommending a vendor for purchasing a boat you can rest assured that your company will the one that I would be recommending. I will send you whatever article's come out that involves the boat and also some great pictures once we put it in the water. In speaking with some of our staff they too are excited in anticipation of the boat’s arrival. Thanks Again - Take Care Randy

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