Search & Rescue Aluminum Jet Boats

Rogue Jet Boatworks SEARCH & RESCUE division supplies unmatched quality and performance driven watercraft to agencies needing the very best. Focused on state-of-the-art technology and engi-neering, our vessels have become a relentless, reliable source. Agencies all across the United States have made their choice and never looked back. Packed with available options and built to specifica-tion, Rogue Jet delivers the best, all welded aluminum commercial boats on the market today. Center Console welded T-Top with or without inflatable collars and Front Helm models with the weld-ed Lodge Top Frame or Enclosed Cabin are the favored choice among search and rescue agencies.Rogue Jet’s “Single Source Assigned Production Method” for Government Watercraft ensures the quality standards are met, eliminating the short comings commonly found in assembly line produced boats
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