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SGT. Shawn Richards | Jackson County

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office is proud to be part of the Rogue Jet Boatworks family. Over the years we have come to appreciate the unparalleled quality found in Rogue Jet Boatworks boats. Our entire fleet of Rogue Jet’s enables us to provide the dedicated services to our community needed on our waterways.

Over the past ten years the state of Oregon has worked hard to develop a standard specification format for L.E boats. If you look closely you will see those specification are based off a Rogue Jet. I encourage any government agency involved in the acquisition of an all welded aluminum boat to contact this company, the design, construction and finish are top in the industry. Couple that with Rogue’s willingness to work with your staff to make needed custom features to make every day on the water its best. We believe you will concur with our agency in the belief that Rogue Jet Boatworks provides excellent advice, are professional, and is committed to providing the best possible product they can.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Shawn Richards